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Live (Remote) Drum Tracks.

I will provide professional recording sounding drums tracks and percussion with a 5 days turn around time. I will make sure you are happy with sounds/parts and send you rough mixes along the way.

If you have a tone, color or texture reference, it will help the result to be more similar to what you imagine.

I can also mix the drums for you and give you a bounce so you can simply add the drums as a loop into your peoject.


You send me your drum-less song, I record drums and send you the tracks.

Now with internet sharing system (via Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive etc) it is easier and more affordable than ever to professionally record music from anywhere around the world, with anyone, and send the audio files between one another quickly and affordably.

For example— You have written and recorded the rhythm guitar track(s) and scratch vocals to your new song using a click or drum machine as a placeholder, and are now looking for the perfect drum tracks to help bring the song to life. Through remote recording, you can send those files to me, where I open them with Protools or Ableton Live and add professionally performed and recorded drum tracks, and send them back. You can then seamlessly insert the drum tracks into your project and mix them seamlessly with the other instruments.

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Start from 150$ RAW drum tracks,  250$ Mixed. If you need something more, contact me ( prices per song )

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